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«May 2024»
Flanders extends support for evidence-based health policy in Mozambique
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Flanders extends support for evidence-based health policy in Mozambique

Since 2013, Flanders and Mozambique have been collaborating on an evidence-based health policy to prepare for future challenges. Flanders, in partnership with the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp, has been providing support to the Mozambique National Health Institute (INS) to help it become a globally recognized scientific institution. The Government of Flanders intends to continue its support by granting €1,999,976 in funding.
This collaboration between INS and ITM is occurring in multiple phases through the "Building Institutional Capacity at Instituto Nacional De Saúde to Strengthen the Evidence Base of the Public Health System in Mozambique" (BICMINS) project.
Since Flanders initiated funding in 2013 (BICMINS Phase I), INS has made significant progress. The institute is gaining recognition for its approach to addressing major health crises in Mozambique, including COVID-19, HIV and AIDS, and cholera. Nevertheless, challenges such as antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the increasing public health impact of climate change, and the risk of future pandemics require ongoing workforce training and capacity building.
Continuing the partnership between INS and ITM is vital for Mozambique to prepare for future challenges, including the possibility of a new pandemic and antibiotic resistance. These significant challenges are global in scope and, therefore, also affect our country. The ITM views INS as an important partner in scientific research and development.
Under BICMINS Phase IV, beginning in January 2024, INS will build on its past experiences and tackle new challenges. The successful institutional cooperation between ITM and INS will expand. Professional development remains a central focus of this project. Additionally, a functional project management system and a comprehensive research strategy will be developed and implemented. Furthermore, the project will provide evidence-based policy guidance and information for the general public.
BICMINS IV will establish connections with ITM's capacity support for the Provincial Health Services in Tete Province, also funded by Flanders. This will involve creating tailored policy recommendations for the province to mitigate the impact of climate change and natural disasters on public health.


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